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Netflix Removes Subscribers from Basic Ads-Free Plan to Improve Service

Netflix has revealed its decision to phase out its most affordable ad-free subscription tier, beginning in the UK and Canada, with a rollout to more regions expected in the near future.

The streaming service has initiated the process by notifying users through on-screen messages regarding the deadline for accessing the platform unless they opt for an upgrade. A Reddit user shared a notification from the Netflix app, stating, “Your last day to watch Netflix is July 13th. Choose a new plan to keep watching.” Subscribers are being encouraged to switch to the Standard plan with advertisements at a lower cost, or opt for the pricier Standard or Premium 4K plans.

In the UK, customers are being informed that the £7.99 per month Basic plan is being discontinued, and they are given the option to subscribe to the Standard plan with ads for £4.99 or the ad-free Standard plan for £10.99. The £10.99 plan includes access to 1080p streams, the ability to watch on two devices concurrently, and download content on up to two devices. On the other hand, the Standard plan with ads maintains 1080p video quality but incorporates advertising into the viewing experience.

Similarly, Canadian subscribers are receiving notifications about the final day to access their Basic plan. In Canada, the price adjustment is more substantial, escalating from $9.99 for the Basic plan to $16.49 for the Standard plan. Alternatively, users can opt for the Standard plan with Ads at a reduced rate of $5.99, saving $4.

The Basic plan, priced at $11.99 per month in the United States, has been unavailable to new subscribers since the previous year. During Netflix’s early 2024 earnings call, the company disclosed its plans to phase out the Basic plan in countries where the ad-supported plan has been introduced, commencing with Canada and the UK in the second quarter, with further expansion anticipated. Netflix reported in May that its ad-supported streaming tier has garnered 40 million global monthly active users, marking a substantial increase of 35 million from the previous year.