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Jennifer Lopez to Adapt ‘Happy Place’ by Cincinnati Author Emily Henry into Netflix Series

A new romantic comedy series is currently in development, inspired by a novel written by a renowned author from Greater Cincinnati. Actress Jennifer Lopez recently announced on social media that her production company, Nuyorican, is collaborating with Netflix to adapt “Happy Place,” a popular novel by bestselling romance author Emily Henry.

The novel, published in 2023, tells the story of Harriet and Wyn, former partners who pretend to still be together during their group’s annual getaway. With a 4/5 average rating on Goodreads from approximately 906,372 ratings, “Happy Place” has garnered significant acclaim from readers.

In a statement, Emily Henry expressed her excitement about the upcoming series adaptation, praising Nuyorican for their support and involvement in bringing her vision to life. She highlighted the rare opportunity for a writer to be closely engaged in the adaptation process and expressed her commitment to creating a series that resonates with fans of the book.

According to reports from People Magazine, plans are also underway to adapt Henry’s other novels, “People We Meet on Vacation” and “Beach Read,” into movies. Henry, a New York Times bestselling author, has deep roots in Northern Kentucky, having spent much of her childhood in the region. After relocating to Liberty Township at the age of 14 and pursuing opportunities in Michigan and New York, she has returned to her hometown and now resides in College Hill.

In addition to her literary achievements, Henry recently made an appearance on The Enquirer’s “That’s So Cincinnati” podcast, where she discussed her works and creative process. Her latest novel, “Funny Story,” was released in April, adding to her impressive body of work.

The collaboration between Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican production company and Netflix to adapt Emily Henry’s “Happy Place” is generating anticipation among fans of the novel and followers of the talented author. As the project progresses, audiences can look forward to seeing how the beloved story translates to the screen, under the guidance of a dedicated team committed to honoring the essence of the original work.