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Riotous Fun: A Review of “My Lady Jane,” a Tudor Tale with a Twist

In a twist of fate, Jane, portrayed by Emily Bader, finds herself unexpectedly betrothed to Lord Guildford Dudley, played by Edward Bluemel, by her mother Lady Frances, played by Anna Chancellor. Guildford, known for his questionable reputation, is equally unenthusiastic about the arrangement. However, a connection forms between the two, leading them to develop feelings for each other despite the circumstances.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Jane’s cousin King Edward, portrayed by Jordan Peters, falls ill, creating an opportunity for one of his sisters to ascend the throne. Mary, also known as Bloody Mary and played by Kate O’Flynn, is eager for the throne, unlike her timid sister Elizabeth, nicknamed Bess and portrayed by Abbie Hern. Jane ultimately becomes Edward’s successor, sparking political turmoil as various factions vie for power.

Set in a world where societal status is based on abilities rather than wealth, individuals with the ability to transform into animals, known as “Ethians,” face discrimination and ostracization. Jane, a “Verite” who has never encountered an “Ethian,” soon discovers a hidden world beyond her understanding.

Based on the book by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, and Brodi Ashton, My Lady Jane, created by Gemma Burgess, offers a thrilling and unconventional take on historical events. The series takes liberties with historical accuracy, creating an engaging and unpredictable narrative that diverges from traditional retellings.

Emily Bader delivers a captivating performance as Jane, with her on-screen romance with Edward Bluemel’s Guildford characterized by passion and charm. The chemistry between the two leads adds a delightful layer to the storyline, making them a compelling duo to follow.

The supporting cast, including Kate O’Flynn and Henry Ashton, bring humor and energy to the show, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Rob Brydon and Anna Chancellor shine as Guildford’s parents, adding charisma to their roles as they navigate court politics and family dynamics.

While the series’ whimsical and absurd approach is generally well-received, the inclusion of a narrator, portrayed by Oliver Chris, occasionally disrupts the storytelling by injecting unnecessary commentary. Despite this minor flaw, My Lady Jane remains a delightful and binge-worthy series that leaves viewers eager for more.

My Lady Jane will be available for streaming on Prime Video, offering a refreshing and entertaining take on historical drama.