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Disney+ Announces August Premiere Date for Korean Drama ‘The Tyrant’

Disney+ is set to release the Korean drama series “The Tyrant” on August 14, featuring a star-studded cast including Jo Yoon-su, Kim Seon-ho, and Cha Seoung-won. The show centers around a high-stakes plot involving the creation of a powerful virus known as ‘The Tyrant Project,’ orchestrated by a group of renegade scientists within the South Korean government with ambitions to enhance their country’s global influence.

However, complications arise when a team of U.S. agents intercept the plan and demand the surrender of all virus samples. The bioweapon is subsequently stolen during a clandestine exchange between Korean and American intelligence agencies, triggering a tense standoff that escalates into a full-fledged conflict involving both governments and a covert operations unit in a race to retrieve the dangerous virus.

In “The Tyrant,” Jo Yoon-su portrays the role of Chae Jagyeong, a vengeful assassin, while Cha Seoungwon takes on the character of Lim Sang, a ruthless mercenary. Kim Seon-ho stars as Director Choe, the mastermind behind the secret Korean project, while Kim Kangwoo appears as Paul, a U.S. intelligence agent caught in the midst of the crisis.

The series comprises four episodes and is both written and directed by Park Hoonjung, known for his work on acclaimed films like “New World” and “The Witch: Part 1.” “The Tyrant” adds to Disney+’s lineup of Korean titles for 2024, following the successful releases of original shows such as “A Shop for Killers,” “Impossible Heir,” “Blood Free,” and “Uncle Samsik” in recent months.

With a gripping narrative, a stellar ensemble cast, and high-octane action sequences, “The Tyrant” promises to deliver an intense and thrilling viewing experience for fans of Korean drama and espionage-themed series. Stay tuned for the premiere of “The Tyrant” on Disney+ this August 14, as the battle for power and control unfolds in this gripping new series.