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Nakisa Bidarian: Netflix Offered Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul Fight for July 20, Timing TBD

Jake Paul and Mike Perry were set to face off in a highly anticipated bout, but a surprising twist almost led to a different matchup taking place. When Mike Tyson had to withdraw from his scheduled fight with Paul on July 20, Paul’s business partner Nakisa Bidarian revealed a unique idea they had considered. The proposal involved a showdown between Jake Paul and his older brother, Logan Paul, to fill the void left by Tyson’s absence.

In an interview on The MMA Hour, Bidarian disclosed that they had suggested the interfamily matchup to Netflix, the broadcast partner for the event. The concept was met with intrigue, as Netflix saw the potential for a massive event, but the timing was deemed insufficient for proper promotion. Ultimately, the decision was made to postpone the Paul vs. Tyson fight to November 15, positioning it as the inaugural live combat sports event on Netflix.

Following the rescheduling, Jake Paul secured a deal with DAZN to take on UFC veteran and BKFC star Mike Perry on the original July 20 date at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Bidarian emphasized that Perry would serve as a critical test to gauge Paul’s readiness for a seasoned boxing talent like Mike Tyson.

The notion of a boxing match between the Paul brothers has generated significant interest within the combat sports community. Both Jake and Logan Paul have amassed global fame through their various endeavors as influencers, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Bidarian highlighted the competitive but loving relationship between the siblings, noting that any potential bout between them would be genuine and not manufactured for drama.

While the timeline for a Paul brothers’ showdown remains uncertain, Bidarian expressed confidence that the event would eventually come to fruition. With Jake Paul’s upcoming fights against Perry and Tyson lined up, and Logan’s commitments as the WWE United States Champion, the timing for their clash is yet to be determined.

Regardless of when or where it takes place, Bidarian believes that a battle between the Paul brothers would be a monumental global event, showcasing the intensity of sibling rivalry in a high-stakes boxing match. The prospect of witnessing the Paul brothers go head-to-head is anticipated to draw widespread attention and excitement across the sports world.