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BTS Members Jimin and Jung Kook Set to Headline Disney+ Show ‘Are You Sure?!’

Jimin and Jung Kook, two members of the globally renowned K-pop group BTS, are set to embark on a new adventure in their reality show era with an upcoming Disney+ series titled Are You Sure?! The show, which was filmed in 2023 before the duo enlisted in the South Korean military, follows Jimin and Jung Kook as they travel to three iconic destinations: New York, USA; Jeju Island, South Korea; and Sapporo, Japan.

According to a press release, Are You Sure?! promises to take viewers on a delightful journey as Jimin and Jung Kook engage in various activities such as eating, shopping, cooking, camping, canoeing, swimming, and road-tripping together. The series aims to provide a deeper insight into the undeniable chemistry and endearing friendship between the two as they bond over unforgettable moments, immerse themselves in different cultures, partake in action-packed activities, and sample local cuisines.

The announcement of the show followed a cryptic teaser on social media, featuring a slideshow of photos showcasing the two band members exploring the outdoors. During a November episode of the YouTube talk show “Suchwita” hosted by BTS’ Suga, Jung Kook revealed that he and Jimin had previously discussed the idea of filming their global travels together.

“On a shoot with Jimin ages ago, he said it might be fun to do a travel variety show with me, and I agreed,” Jung Kook shared on the show. “But it didn’t end up going anywhere after that. Then suddenly, they set up a shoot.”

Are You Sure?! is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on August 8, with new episodes set to be released every Thursday until September 19. Both Jimin and Jung Kook are currently fulfilling their military service in South Korea, along with the other BTS members, except for Jin who completed his service in June 2024.

In October 2022, BTS announced their plans to reunite as a group around 2025, once all seven members have completed their military service. Big Hit, the band’s management company, emphasized the importance of allowing the members to fulfill their duty to the country while acknowledging BTS’ remarkable global success and contribution to the rise of K-pop on the international stage.

The upcoming Disney+ series featuring Jimin and Jung Kook offers fans a unique opportunity to witness the close bond between the two talented performers as they explore diverse cultures and create lasting memories together.