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Julianne Moore, Meghann Fahy, and Milly Alcock to Star in Netflix Limited Series ‘Sirens’ by ‘Maid’s Molly Smith Metzler and LuckyChap

Julianne Moore, Meghann Fahy, and Milly Alcock are set to star in Netflix’s upcoming dark comedy limited series, “Sirens.” The show, created by Emmy-nominated writer Molly Smith Metzler and executive produced by LuckyChap, is based on Metzler’s play “Elemeno Pea” and follows the story of Devon, who becomes concerned about her sister Simone’s relationship with the wealthy and enigmatic Michaela Kell.

Devon decides to intervene when she suspects that Simone is being drawn into Michaela’s luxurious yet cult-like world. The series unfolds over a dramatic weekend at The Kells’ extravagant beach estate, exploring themes of power, class, and female dynamics in a sharp, sexy, and darkly humorous manner.

In “Sirens,” Meghann Fahy portrays Devon DeWitt, a character on a downward spiral in her hometown, fiercely protective of her younger sister Simone, played by Milly Alcock. Simone, a personal assistant to a billionaire, is depicted as sharp and charming, thriving in her role.

Julianne Moore takes on the role of Michaela Kell, a philanthropist and animal activist deeply entrenched in island high society as the wife of billionaire Peter Kell. The dynamic between Michaela and Simone raises eyebrows due to its proximity and intensity.

Apart from her creative involvement, Metzler will also serve as an executive producer for Quiet Coyote, alongside Dani Gorin, Tom Ackerley, and Margot Robbie for LuckyChap. Director Nicole Kassell, known for her work on “Watchmen,” will helm the first two episodes of the series in addition to her role as an executive producer.

This project marks Metzler’s initial collaboration with Netflix following the success of “Maid,” which garnered critical acclaim and award nominations. The series also features a stellar cast, with Julianne Moore currently appearing in various projects, including Pedro Almodóvar’s “The Room Next Door” and the action thriller “Control.”

Meghann Fahy, recognized for her roles in “The White Lotus” and “The Bold Type,” is set to star in upcoming projects like “Your Monster” and Netflix’s “The Perfect Couple.” Milly Alcock, known for her role in “House of the Dragon,” will lead DC’s “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.”

Metzler’s impressive resume includes writing and co-executive producing for “Shameless” and contributing to shows like Hulu’s “Casual” and Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black.”

The talented cast and crew of “Sirens” bring a wealth of experience and creativity to this highly anticipated series, promising an engaging exploration of complex female relationships and societal dynamics.