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Family Buys $10,000 Worth of Disneyland Gift Cards, Only to Discover They’re for Disney+

Imagine eagerly anticipating your dream vacation, only to have it take a nightmarish turn when a well-intentioned purchase goes awry. This was the unfortunate reality for one family whose holiday plans took an unexpected twist when a mother accidentally bought $10,000 worth of Disney+ vouchers instead of Disneyland gift cards.

Andie Coston’s mother found herself in a peculiar predicament, inadvertently acquiring a staggering amount of streaming credit equivalent to 104 years of subscription time at the basic rate of $7.99 per month. The mix-up occurred as the family prepared for a trip to Disneyland, intending for the vouchers to be used throughout the amusement park during their visit.

Originally scheduled for 2020, the vacation was postponed due to the global pandemic, prompting Andie’s parents to purchase $10,000 in vouchers for future use at the park. As the family geared up for their long-awaited Christmas trip with 16 members in tow, the plan was to utilize the Disney gift cards for ticket purchases and dining reservations.

Encountering difficulties in redeeming the vouchers upon arrival, the family sought assistance through TikTok, hoping to convert the streaming credits into park-specific funds. With the holiday season approaching and tickets selling out fast, the urgency of the situation left Andie’s mother distressed, her father frustrated, and the children anxious about potentially missing out on their Disney experience.

Despite the scratched-off codes rendering the vouchers non-returnable, a stroke of luck came their way as Disney intervened, facilitating the transfer of the credit to park-applicable funds. Reflecting on the ordeal, Andie expressed relief at the resolution, highlighting the commonality of such mishaps and emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between different types of gift cards to prevent similar incidents.

The family’s rollercoaster journey serves as a cautionary tale, underscoring the significance of double-checking gift card purchases to avoid unintended consequences. So, before you embark on your next magical adventure, ensure your vouchers lead you to the Happiest Place on Earth, not a digital streaming service.