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New Apple TV+ Series ‘La Maison’ to Showcase Rival Fashion Families

Luxury fashion and family drama have long been intertwined, with prominent families like the Arnaults, Pinaults, Guccis, and Versaces often at the center of attention. This fall, Apple TV+ is set to bring this captivating dynamic to the small screen with its new series, “La Maison,” which will delve into the fierce rivalry between the Ledu and Rovel families.

Scheduled to debut on September 20, “La Maison” is a French-language, 10-episode series that offers a glimpse into the lives of two powerful and dysfunctional families as they compete for supremacy in the high-fashion world. The narrative unfolds in a Paris-based high-fashion atelier, showcasing the intense struggles and ambitions within the industry.

The plot revolves around a scandal that shakes the iconic Ledu haute couture house to its core when a viral video featuring star designer Vincent Ledu, portrayed by Lambert Wilson, threatens the family’s legacy. As the maison teeters on the brink of collapse, former muse Perle Foster, played by Amira Casar, teams up with visionary designer Paloma Castel, portrayed by Zita Hanrot, to rescue the esteemed fashion house. However, their efforts face fierce opposition from Diane Rovel, played by Carole Bouquet, the CEO of the rival Rovel luxury group, who is determined to seize control of Ledu by any means necessary, setting the stage for a gripping tale of business and revenge.

“La Maison” represents Apple TV+’s foray into fashion-centric programming, following previous releases like “The New Look,” which explored the world of Christian Dior, and “The Super Models,” a documentary highlighting the careers of iconic models. Produced by TOA-The Originals of America in collaboration with studio TOP-The Originals Productions, known for the acclaimed series “The Bureau,” “La Maison” boasts a stellar cast that includes award-winning actors such as Lambert Wilson, Amira Casar, Carole Bouquet, and Zita Hanrot.

The series, conceived by Alex Berger and helmed by showrunners José Caltagirone and Valentine Milville, promises a compelling narrative brought to life by directors Fabrice Gobert and Daniel Grou. With an ensemble of talented actors and a creative team dedicated to delivering an engaging storyline, “La Maison” is poised to captivate audiences with its blend of high fashion, familial intrigue, and intense competition in the world of luxury couture.