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Dark Matter season 1 finale review: Disappointing conclusion marks end of series

Dark Matter on Apple TV+ has been a standout sci-fi series since its inception, captivating audiences with its unique storyline and characters. However, the season 1 finale left fans with mixed feelings, as it veered off course from expectations.

In the finale, viewers were taken on a rollercoaster ride of multiple Jasons, leading to a confusing and overcrowded narrative. The deviation from the source material, Blake Crouch’s novel, left some fans feeling disconnected from the original story’s essence. While adaptations often require changes to keep viewers engaged, straying too far from the core storyline can result in a disjointed viewing experience.

Episode 9 of the series was described as “messy” by some, with characters navigating through a chaotic search for the original Jason amidst a sea of doppelgangers. The interactions between characters felt lackluster and casual, considering the gravity of the situation they found themselves in.

As the tension escalated, the multitude of Jasons surrounding the characters added to the confusion and frustration felt by viewers. The attempt at redemption by one of the Jasons fell short, failing to resonate with the audience. The divergence from the book’s plot, where Jason 1 eliminates Jason 2, left some fans questioning the direction of the series.

Ultimately, the resolution of the finale centered around Daniela and Charlie’s desires, with a sudden influx of Jasons offering support and a path to safety. The conclusion left some viewers underwhelmed, expecting a more impactful and conclusive ending to the season.

Given that Dark Matter is a limited series, the likelihood of a renewal is slim. While the finale may not have met all expectations, the series still holds its own in the sci-fi genre, earning a respectable rating of 7/10. Despite its flaws, Dark Matter remains a compelling watch for sci-fi enthusiasts, though it may not stand out as the genre’s strongest contender.

In conclusion, Dark Matter’s season 1 finale may have left fans wanting more, but its unique premise and engaging storytelling make it a worthwhile addition to the sci-fi TV landscape.