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Apple TV+ Announces Vietnam Docuseries by Emmy-Winning Team of ‘9/11: One Day In America’

Apple TV+ has tapped the producers of the Emmy-winning documentary “9/11: One Day In America” to delve into the narrative of the Vietnam War. 72 Films, a British production company under Fremantle’s ownership, will blend immersive archival footage with firsthand accounts for Apple’s upcoming six-part docuseries titled “Vietnam: The War That Changed America.”

Scheduled to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, the series aims to bring together individuals from various backgrounds who experienced the Vietnam War firsthand, including soldiers and civilians from all sides of the conflict. Each episode will feature poignant reunions and emotional narratives shared by those who navigated harrowing life-or-death circumstances and grappled with complex moral dilemmas.

“Vietnam: The War That Changed America” is helmed by director Rob Coldstream, who previously collaborated with 72 Films on the production of “John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial” for Apple. Caroline Marsden, known for her work on “9/11: One Day In America,” serves as the producer, with David Glover and Mark Raphael acting as executive producers, both acclaimed for their roles in “9/11: One Day in America.”

Noteworthy for their previous work on Nat Geo’s “9/11: One Day in America,” the team behind this new project is no stranger to crafting powerful and impactful storytelling. The documentary chronicling the events of the New York terror attack received acclaim, ultimately earning the News and Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Historical Documentary.

Through a combination of archival footage and personal testimonies, “Vietnam: The War That Changed America” promises to offer a compelling and immersive exploration of a pivotal moment in history, shedding light on the human experiences that shaped and were shaped by the Vietnam War.