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Get Netflix and HBO Max Subscriptions with Verizon for Only $10 Monthly

Verizon customers now have the opportunity to access two of the most popular streaming services, Netflix and HBO Max, for just $10 a month. This exclusive offer is available to eligible users with Verizon’s Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Welcome mobile plans.

The deal, which launched last month through Verizon’s myPlan, allows customers to enjoy a wide range of films and shows, including original series, from both Netflix and HBO Max. By subscribing to this offer, customers can save approximately $7 per month on the regular cost of subscriptions to Netflix Standard and HBO Max, both with ads.

To take advantage of this special promotion, customers need to follow a few simple steps. First, they should log in to their Verizon account on verizon.com or through the My Verizon mobile app. Once logged in, users can select the line they wish to update and manage their perks by enabling the offers they want to include. If they wish to make changes, they can easily update their preferences and confirm their selections to finalize the process.

Existing Netflix account holders can seamlessly link their account to their Verizon plan by entering their login details during the perk activation process. However, customers with an existing HBO Max account must switch to the Netflix and HBO Max (With Ads) perk during the activation process for the Max (With Ads plan).

It’s important to note that users can switch to an ad-free Netflix Standard or Premium plan at any time through their Netflix account, with the price difference being charged based on the current retail prices of the plans. The deal will automatically renew each month until canceled and will appear under “Services & Perks” on the monthly Verizon bill.

If customers cancel their qualifying Verizon line or switch to a non-qualifying plan, both subscriptions will end immediately. In such cases, users must re-subscribe directly with the streaming services themselves. For any questions regarding eligibility or changes on their mobile bill, customers can reach out to Verizon representatives, while inquiries about Netflix or HBO Max accounts should be directed to the respective streaming services.

HBO Max offers a diverse range of content, including popular series like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Succession, and The White Lotus, while Netflix boasts hit shows like Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Stranger Things, along with a variety of movies and kids’ content. This special offer from Verizon provides customers with a cost-effective way to enjoy the best of both streaming worlds.