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Watch Cris Miro (She/Her/Hers) in Canada on Max: A Viewer’s Guide

The Argentine biographical series “Cris Miró” is gearing up for its debut on TNT, Flow, and Max in late June, chronicling the remarkable journey of the pioneering trans artist Cris Miró. The series will showcase her groundbreaking transition into becoming Argentina’s first trans vedette at the renowned Teatro Maipo in Buenos Aires back in 1995. Embracing her authentic self, Miró emerged as a celebrated figure in Argentine society, playing a pivotal role in bringing visibility and acceptance to the trans community. Through the show, audiences will delve into Miró’s personal struggles and triumphs, shedding light on her profound impact during a period of societal transformation.

“Cris Miró” narrates the life story of Argentina’s trailblazing trans vedette, highlighting her ascent to stardom and the obstacles she encountered along the way. Handpicked for the Teatro Maipo in 1995, Miró swiftly rose to prominence in the entertainment realm, serving as a beacon of hope and inclusivity for the trans community. The series portrays her evolution and the defining moments that shaped her career, showcasing a narrative of bravery and resilience that offers a poignant glimpse into her personal and professional voyage. Miró’s fame not only elevated trans issues but also left an enduring mark on Argentine culture. Moreover, the show delves into her private struggles, adding layers to her public persona.

The special documentary series “Cris Miró” is set to premiere on TNT on June 23, 2024, in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, with subsequent episodes airing each Sunday. Max will launch the series on June 24 across Latin America, the U.S., and various European countries, including Spain, France, Switzerland, and Portugal.

The cast of “Cris Miró” includes Mina Serrano portraying Cris Miró, embodying the essence of the iconic trans vedette. Martín Vatenberg, the creator of the series, brings Miró’s story to life with authenticity and depth, supported by a talented ensemble that enriches the narrative with their compelling performances.

Featuring eight episodes, each unraveling different aspects of Miró’s life and legacy, “Cris Miró” offers a comprehensive exploration of her journey. The episode guide outlines key milestones in Miró’s life, from her initial steps onto the Teatro Maipo stage to her advocacy for trans rights and her enduring legacy.

For viewers in Canada eager to watch “Cris Miró,” the series is available on TNT, Flow, and can be streamed online via Max. However, due to geographical restrictions, Canadian viewers can access Max with the help of a reliable VPN to enjoy this biographical series seamlessly.

“Cris Miró” stands out for its historical significance, portraying the inspiring journey of Argentina’s first trans vedette and her cultural impact on society. Miró’s story serves as a testament to courage, resilience, and the enduring power of visibility in advocating for trans rights and acceptance.

To watch “Cris Miró” in Canada, viewers can utilize a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass geographical restrictions and access the series on Max, offering a compelling narrative of a remarkable individual who made a lasting impact on Argentine society.