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Watch Cris Miro (She/Her/Hers) in the UK on Max: A Guide

A new Argentine biographical series, “Cris Miró,” is set to premiere on TNT, Flow, and Max in late June, chronicling the extraordinary life of Cris Miró, a trailblazing trans artist. The series delves into Miró’s groundbreaking journey as Argentina’s first trans vedette at the renowned Teatro Maipo in Buenos Aires in 1995. Embracing her true identity, Miró transitioned into a celebrated figure in Argentine society, playing a pivotal role in increasing visibility and acceptance for the trans community during a time of significant societal change.

“Cris Miró” portrays the struggles and triumphs of Miró, shedding light on her profound impact on Argentine society. The series explores her personal and professional challenges, offering a poignant narrative of courage and resilience. Miró’s story serves as a testament to her unwavering determination and the lasting influence she had on the trans community in Argentina.

The special documentary series is scheduled to premiere on TNT on June 23, 2024, in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, with subsequent episodes airing every Sunday. Max will launch the series on June 24 across Latin America, the U.S., and various European countries, including Spain, France, Switzerland, and Portugal.

The cast of “Cris Miró” includes Mina Serrano in the role of Cris Miró, embodying the iconic trans vedette with authenticity and depth. The series creator, Martín Vatenberg, brings Miró’s story to life, accompanied by a talented supporting cast that enriches the narrative with compelling performances.

“Cris Miró” comprises eight episodes, each unraveling different aspects of Miró’s life and legacy. From her initial steps onto the stage of Teatro Maipo to her advocacy for trans rights and personal battles behind the scenes, the series provides a comprehensive portrayal of Miró’s journey.

Viewers in the UK can watch “Cris Miró” on TNT, Flow, and stream it online via Max. However, due to geographical restrictions, accessing Max may require the use of a reliable VPN service to bypass these limitations seamlessly.

The series holds historical significance as it chronicles the life of Argentina’s first trans vedette, offering a compelling narrative of resilience and courage. Miró’s visibility in the 1990s brought acceptance to the trans community, making her story a vital cultural artifact that highlights the struggles and triumphs of the trans community.

For those interested in watching “Cris Miró,” the series promises to be an inspiring and impactful portrayal of a pioneering figure in Argentina’s entertainment industry, showcasing the enduring legacy of Cris Miró and her contributions to LGBTQ+ history.