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Top OTT Releases This Weekend: Must-Watch on Netflix, Jio Cinema, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar

This weekend brings a lineup of exciting new releases and returning favorites to various streaming platforms. House of the Dragon Season 2 is set to premiere on Jio Cinema, while Kota Factory Season 3 makes its return on Netflix. Fans of these series are eagerly anticipating the new twists and turns that await their beloved characters.

House of the Dragon Season 2, a prequel to the popular Game of Thrones series, dives deeper into the Targaryen family’s descent into a brutal civil war for control of the Iron Throne. The premiere episode, titled “A Son for a Son,” promises intense drama and revenge as the Targaryens navigate the treacherous political landscape. Viewers can catch this eight-part series streaming weekly on Jio Cinema starting June 17.

Meanwhile, Kota Factory Season 3 on Netflix continues to follow the lives of students preparing for the challenging IIT entrance exams. With characters like Vaibhav, Meena, Uday, Shivangi, and Vartika facing the pressures of academia, the series explores themes of ambition, friendship, and the pursuit of success. Notably, the supportive teacher Jeetu Bhaiya undergoes personal growth and reflection on his own aspirations.

For those seeking a crime thriller, Bad Cop on Disney+ Hotstar offers a gripping narrative with Anurag Kashyap portraying a formidable antagonist named Kazbe. Alongside Gulshan Devaiah playing twin brothers, the series delves into the complexities of power dynamics and moral ambiguity within the criminal underworld. Directed by Aditya Datt and written by Rensil D’Silva, this adaptation from a German series promises intense confrontations and suspenseful storytelling.

Lastly, The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix features popular comedian Kapil Sharma in a rollicking comedy sketch show. With guest appearances and humorous interactions, the series provides light-hearted entertainment for viewers. The finale of Season 1 welcomes Kartik Aaryan and his mother Mala Tiwari, adding a personal touch to the comedic proceedings. As the show gears up for its second season later in the year, fans can look forward to more laughter and fun moments.

With a diverse range of genres and storylines to choose from, this weekend offers something for every viewer’s preference. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy epics, intense dramas, crime thrillers, or comedy sketches, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy on the streaming platforms. So grab your popcorn and settle in for a weekend of entertainment!