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Netflix’s Knives Out 3 Casts Four New Actors, Including Marvel’s Jeremy Renner – Controversial Casting Decision Sparks Outrage Among Fans

Netflix’s upcoming film, Knives Out 3, has been making headlines recently with the addition of several big-name actors to its cast. The movie, set for release in 2025, will see a mini James Bond reunion between former 007 actor Daniel Craig and Spectre star Andrew Scott. Other reported cast additions include Kerry Washington and Glenn Close.

The latest news came on Wednesday when Deadline reported that Marvel star Jeremy Renner and Mila Kunis have also been tapped for roles in the film. Renner’s casting is particularly noteworthy as it marks his return to the big screen following a life-threatening incident in January 2023.

While the cast for Knives Out 3 is shaping up to be impressive, one casting decision has sparked controversy among fans. Mila Kunis, who has been out of the spotlight since her involvement in supporting actor Danny Masterson amidst serious sexual assault allegations, has drawn fierce criticism for her reported role in the film.

Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, faced backlash for their support of Masterson, who was later convicted of the crimes. Despite issuing apologies for their actions, the couple’s involvement in the controversy has not been forgotten by the public. Kunis’ rumored casting in Knives Out 3 has reignited the debate, with many moviegoers expressing outrage on social media platforms.

This isn’t the first time Kunis has faced backlash for her actions. Her reported involvement in the film has divided fans, with some expressing support for her while others condemn her past decisions. Given the strong reactions to her casting, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact the film’s reception.

As the cast of Knives Out 3 continues to grow, with Netflix yet to comment on any castings beyond Daniel Craig, the movie is sure to generate further buzz leading up to its release. Stay tuned for more updates on this star-studded ensemble and the reactions surrounding the controversial casting choices.

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