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Is Netflix’s Raising Voices Inspired by Real Events?

Raising Voices (Ni una más) is the latest Spanish-language series to hit Netflix, delving into the harrowing reality of sexual violence against women. The eight-part drama follows 17-year-old Alma, played by Nicole Wallace, as she takes a stand against sexual violence by publicly accusing a rapist at her school.

The series kicks off with Alma posting a bold banner on her school gates, warning of the presence of a rapist within the school premises. Alma’s life takes a tumultuous turn when she uncovers a disturbing secret that pushes her to seek justice for the victims, even at the cost of her own future.

Ni una más is adapted from Miguel Sáez Carral’s book released in 2021, shedding light on the prevalent issue of sexual violence. While the story is fictional, it mirrors the distressing experiences of many real-life survivors.

Alma’s journey intertwines with that of her friend Berta, portrayed by Teresa de Mera, who reveals her traumatic past of being groomed and sexually assaulted by their history teacher. In a bid to expose the abuse, Alma creates a fake social media profile to share Berta’s story, drawing attention to the lasting impact of such atrocities.

The inspiration behind Alma’s online persona stems from real-life advocates like Daisy Coleman and Chanel Miller. Coleman, a sexual assault survivor, founded the non-profit organization SafeBae to combat sexual violence in educational settings. Tragically, Coleman passed away in 2020, highlighting the profound toll of trauma.

Chanel Miller, another survivor, bravely shared her story of assault, sparking national discourse on consent and justice. Her memoir, Know My Name, chronicles her journey towards healing and empowerment, emphasizing the enduring impact of trauma.

For those affected by the themes explored in Raising Voices, support services like Rape Crisis and Samaritans offer confidential assistance and guidance. Raising Voices is now available for streaming on Netflix, inviting viewers to engage with its powerful narrative and raise awareness on the pervasive issue of sexual violence.

To watch the trailer for Raising Voices, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrailerID

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