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Is Netflix’s Raising Voices: A True Story Adaptation?

Raising Voices (Ni una más) is the latest Spanish-language drama series to hit Netflix, shedding light on the pervasive issue of sexual violence against women. The story kicks off with Alma, a 17-year-old portrayed by Nicole Wallace, taking a bold stand by hanging a banner at her school gates that boldly proclaims, ‘Beware! A rapist is in there!’

As Alma unravels a disturbing truth that shatters her world, she embarks on a mission to seek justice for the victim, even at the cost of her own future. The question arises: is Raising Voices rooted in reality? The series is based on Miguel Sáez Carral’s fiction book of the same title, published in 2021, delving into a narrative sadly reflective of real-life experiences.

Alma’s journey intertwines with that of Berta, played by Teresa de Mera, a former schoolmate who discloses being groomed and sexually assaulted multiple times by their history teacher, portrayed by Iván Massagué. In a bid to expose the abuse, Alma creates a fictitious social media profile under the handle @Iam_colemanmiller, shedding light on Berta’s harrowing encounters and the enduring trauma she grapples with.

While the series itself is a work of fiction, Alma’s choice of online persona draws inspiration from the real-life stories of Daisy Coleman and Chanel Miller. Coleman, an advocate for sexual assault survivors, made headlines after publicly sharing her ordeal of being raped at a young age. Tragically, Coleman passed away in 2020, following the loss of her mother to suicide.

Chanel Miller, another survivor, faced her own battle after being sexually assaulted at a college party. Her courage to speak out led to a high-profile case that sparked conversations about sexual violence and consent. Turner, the perpetrator in Miller’s case, received a lenient sentence, highlighting systemic issues within the justice system.

The narrative of Raising Voices serves as a poignant reminder of the real-world struggles faced by survivors of sexual violence. For those seeking support or guidance on related issues, resources like Rape Crisis and Samaritans offer confidential assistance and a listening ear. The series is now available for streaming on Netflix, providing a platform to raise awareness and foster dialogue on these critical topics.

[Watch the trailer for Raising Voices here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOUR-URL-HERE]