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Jessica Alba’s Trigger Warning on Netflix Maintains Negative Reviews Trend

Fans and critics are buzzing about Netflix’s latest hit movie, Trigger Warning, which has sparked both praise and criticism since its release. The film debuted on Netflix on June 21 and quickly climbed to the No. 1 spot on the streamer’s Top 10 movies in the UK list.

Starring Jessica Alba as Parker, a US Special Forces commando who returns home after her father’s tragic death, Trigger Warning follows Parker as she delves into a dangerous conspiracy surrounding her father’s demise. Taking over her family’s bar in her hometown, Parker finds herself entangled in a web of violence and intrigue.

Currently holding the top position in the UK on Netflix, Trigger Warning surpasses other popular titles like Jodie Comer’s The End We Start From and the documentary 24 Hours in Lidl. Despite its high ranking, the film has faced harsh criticism from both reviewers and viewers alike.

Notably, Trigger Warning adds to Jessica Alba’s string of low-rated films on Rotten Tomatoes. Alba, known for her roles in movies like Honey and Fantastic Four, has struggled to achieve favorable scores in recent years. With Trigger Warning receiving a meager 25% rating based on 20 reviews and an even lower audience score of 19%, the film continues Alba’s streak of underwhelming performances.

Critics and viewers have not held back in expressing their disappointment with Trigger Warning. One Netflix subscriber described the movie as “boring” and “dumb,” criticizing its lackluster plot and execution. Another viewer labeled it as one of the “worst script writings in a while,” highlighting the film’s shortcomings in storytelling.

Despite the negative feedback, some viewers commended Alba’s acting skills and the film’s action sequences while acknowledging its flaws in narrative and dialogue. The Guardian offered a more positive take, awarding Trigger Warning three stars in a review titled “Jessica Alba returns in solid Netflix action vehicle.”

Trigger Warning is available for streaming on Netflix, inviting audiences to form their opinions on the film’s merits and drawbacks. As opinions continue to vary, the movie’s reception underscores the diverse perspectives that shape the cinematic landscape.