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Teen Drama Geek Girl Addresses Neurodiversity and Bullying

Geek Girl: The teen drama tackling neurodiversity

Emily Carey, a 21-year-old actress, has landed the lead role in the teen drama Geek Girl, based on a book series she adored as a child. Portraying Harriet Manners, a bright student turned accidental supermodel, Carey feels a deep connection to the character. She shares, “I loved these books, I think I read the first one when I was about 10 or 11.”

The show, created by author Holly Smale, tells the story of a high school student navigating bullies and unexpected fame. Smale, who envisioned her book on screen for years, expresses her excitement about the adaptation. The series aims to offer a genuine portrayal of teenage experiences, showcasing imperfections and real emotions.

Both Smale and Carey advocate for embracing the term “geek” and celebrating intellect. Carey, known for her role in Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon, reflects on her own teenage struggles, finding solace in portraying Harriet. Smale finds writing the book therapeutic, allowing her to reconcile with her past and accept herself.

The narrative also highlights family dynamics, with Harriet’s stepmother and mentor playing pivotal roles in her journey. Smale deliberately crafts a modern fairy tale, steering away from clichés and presenting a supportive and inspiring stepmother character.

A significant aspect of Geek Girl is its representation of neurodiversity. Smale, who later discovered her autism and dyspraxia, retroactively attributes these traits to Harriet. The team behind the show ensures an authentic portrayal, with Carey, who is also autistic, navigating her character’s complexities on screen.

Geek Girl offers a blend of school life, stardom, and relationships, resonating with viewers through its relatable characters and heartfelt storytelling.

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