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Benedict Cumberbatch Stars in Riveting ‘Eric’ TV Series: A Deep Dive Beyond a Missing Boy, Review

In Netflix’s limited series “Eric,” written by Abi Morgan, the story follows Vincent Anderson, a renowned puppeteer portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, and his wife Cassie, played by Gaby Hoffmann, as they grapple with the disappearance of their 9-year-old son, Edgar, portrayed by Ivan Morris Howe. Cassie seeks support from the NYPD and Missing Persons Squad detective Michael Ledroit, portrayed by McKinley Belcher III, while Vincent’s mental state unravels.

The series opens in 1985, with the Andersons making a public plea for Edgar’s return. Vincent’s dark and distant personality is revealed, contrasting with his public persona on the children’s show “Good Day Sunshine.” As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that Vincent’s troubled demeanor extends into his family life with Cassie and Edgar.

Ledroit takes on the case of Edgar’s disappearance, driven by a personal connection to a lost Black teen and a desire for a different outcome for the Andersons. However, navigating the complexities of a city that often overlooks the marginalized proves challenging. As Ledroit uncovers leads, he confronts systemic issues within NYC’s government that perpetuate harm against its most vulnerable residents.

Despite its difficult subject matter, “Eric” is a compelling watch, with Hoffmann delivering a powerful performance as a mother grappling with loss and a disconnected husband. The series delves into themes of addiction, self-destructive behavior, and societal injustices rooted in racism, homophobia, and greed. However, one critique of the show is the visual representation of a monster puppet named Eric, which distracts from the gritty tone of the narrative.

Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Vincent’s descent into turmoil is impactful, without the need for a literal manifestation of his inner struggles. The series ultimately delves into broader themes of corruption and inhumanity, leaving viewers to ponder on the disparities in who receives justice and happy endings.

“Eric” is set to premiere on Netflix on May 30, offering a thought-provoking exploration of loss, grief, and the darker aspects of human nature.