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Meagan Good Discusses Role in Amazon Prime Film “Divorce In The Black” as Tyler Perry Directs

Actress Meagan Good is set to portray the role of a battered wife and divorcee in the upcoming Prime Video film, Divorce in the Black, written and directed by Tyler Perry. Good’s character in the movie mirrors her real-life experiences following her divorce from DeVon Franklin in 2021, as she has found solace in a relationship with Marvel actor Jonathan Majors.

In an interview with People Magazine, Good shared that her character in the film resonates with aspects of her own life. Embracing the opportunity to delve into a darker role, the actress emphasized her commitment to living without regrets and making every part of her life meaningful. She expressed her determination to look back on her life with pride and satisfaction, affirming her readiness to embrace new challenges.

Reflecting on her personal life, Good described her ex-husband as a “wonderful person,” unlike her onscreen husband in the movie. While she clarified that abuse was not a factor in her marriage with Franklin, she acknowledged the emotional toll of divorce, highlighting the stages of grief and eventual acceptance. Both in the film and her personal life, Good anticipates the possibility of falling in love again, emphasizing a sense of hope for the future.

Regarding her relationship with Jonathan Majors, Good emphasized her belief in giving love a second chance, both on and off-screen. Despite allegations of assault made by Majors’ ex-girlfriend, Emma Duncan, Good stated her firm stance against domestic violence. She emphasized that she does not condone such behavior and hopes to empower women through her portrayal of a victim of abuse in the film.

Divorce in the Black is set to premiere on Prime Video on July 11, offering viewers a poignant exploration of relationships and resilience. Through her roles in the film and her personal life, Meagan Good continues to navigate complex emotions and experiences with grace and authenticity, inspiring audiences with her strength and vulnerability.