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Ballerina vampire held captive in ‘Abigail’ to be available on Peacock for streaming

A horror film titled “Abigail,” centered around a vampire ballerina who is kidnapped, is set to premiere on Peacock on July 19. The movie draws inspiration from the 1936 classic “Dracula’s Daughter,” offering a unique twist on the vampire genre. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, known for their work on films like “Ready or Not” and “Scream,” along with producer Chad Villella, the film explores a blend of heist thriller and monster movie elements.

In an interview, Bettinelli-Olpin expressed how the initial concept evolved into a standalone narrative, combining different genres seamlessly. The storyline follows a 12-year-old ballerina named Abigail, portrayed by Alisha Weir, who turns the tables on her captors in a gripping tale of survival and vengeance. The film also features a talented cast including Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton, Will Catlett, Kevin Durand, Angus Cloud, and Giancarlo Esposito.

“Abigail” offers a fresh take on the vampire mythos, infusing elements of suspense and action as the protagonist navigates her harrowing ordeal. Peacock has secured exclusive streaming rights for the film, providing audiences with the opportunity to immerse themselves in this chilling and captivating cinematic experience.

With its blend of genres and compelling narrative, “Abigail” promises to deliver a thrilling and engaging viewing experience for horror enthusiasts and fans of supernatural storytelling. Stay tuned for the premiere of this unique and suspenseful film on Peacock, where viewers can witness the tale of the vampire ballerina unfold in all its eerie glory.