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Top Horror Films Available for Streaming on Arrow, Peacock, Prime, and Paramount+ This Month

Mick Garris, the renowned filmmaker and author behind Stephen King adaptations and the “Masters Of Horror” TV series, has curated a selection of must-watch titles for horror enthusiasts. This exclusive collection, known as Mick Garris Selects, is set to stream on Arrow starting July 1.

Garris expressed his excitement about collaborating with Arrow to showcase some of his favorite films from their catalog. He highlighted the uniqueness and creativity found in cult cinema, emphasizing that these movies offer a refreshing departure from mainstream productions. The selected titles promise to take viewers on a journey through unconventional storytelling and imaginative realms, free from the constraints of studio interference.

Among the standout picks in the Mick Garris Selects lineup are classics like “Audition” (2001), “Basket Case” (1982), “Hellraiser” (1987), and “Re-Animator” (1985). These films, along with others on the list, represent a diverse range of cinematic experiences that push boundaries and challenge traditional horror tropes.

For those seeking a different kind of thrill, Arrow is set to release “First Class Fear” on July 5, featuring a collection of chilling tales centered around transportation. From “Bloodstone” (1988) to “The Villainess” (2017), this lineup explores the darker side of travel, offering a unique perspective on fear and suspense.

On July 19, viewers can delve into “I Know What You Need,” a gripping short film directed by Julia Marchese. Based on a Stephen King story, this narrative follows the intriguing encounter between a college student and a mysterious individual who seems to know her deepest desires. As secrets unravel, the story takes unexpected twists, showcasing the trademark suspense and intrigue associated with King’s work.

Additionally, horror aficionados can explore “God Told Me To” on The Criterion Channel, a gripping tale of religious fanaticism and murder directed by Larry Cohen. This thought-provoking film challenges perceptions of faith and morality, offering a disturbing yet compelling narrative that lingers in the mind.

For fans of underground cinema, “I Was a Teenage Serial Killer” presents a raw and unapologetic exploration of female empowerment through a dark lens. Directed by Sarah Jacobson, this indie gem offers a fresh take on the horror genre, inviting audiences to witness a provocative and unconventional story.

Lastly, “The New York Ripper” transports viewers into the gritty world of Giallo cinema, courtesy of Italian maestro Lucio Fulci. This atmospheric thriller combines elements of mystery and horror, culminating in a suspenseful tale of a relentless serial killer terrorizing New York City.

With an eclectic mix of films spanning various subgenres and styles, Arrow’s upcoming releases promise to captivate and unsettle audiences with their gripping narratives and immersive storytelling. Prepare to be thrilled, chilled, and utterly captivated by these cinematic offerings that push the boundaries of horror entertainment.