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Popular Shondaland Dramas Lead Nielsen Streaming Rankings, ‘Your Honor’ Gains Traction

The latest Nielsen streaming chart has revealed the continued dominance of Netflix’s Shondaland series, “Bridgerton,” following the release of Season 3A. Despite a 37% decline in viewing minutes from the previous week, “Bridgerton” maintained its top position for the third consecutive week with 1.38 billion viewing minutes logged between May 27 and June 2.

Apart from revitalizing interest in previous seasons of “Bridgerton,” the new episodes also contributed to the success of the prequel, “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” which re-entered the Originals Top 10 with 274 million viewing minutes, securing the 9th spot.

Shonda Rhimes’ creation, “Grey’s Anatomy,” also held strong, ranking at #3 overall with 1.197 billion viewing minutes. Impressively, Shondaland managed to secure three entries on the Nielsen weekly charts, attracting predominantly female audiences across all three shows.

Other notable entries on the Nielsen streaming chart include long-standing favorites like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Family Guy,” and “NCIS,” which have seen a surge in viewership thanks to Nielsen’s updated Streaming Content Ratings. The adjustment now captures viewing of new network-aired episodes once they are available on the affiliated streaming service. For example, recent episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” on Hulu accounted for a significant portion of its viewing total despite representing a small fraction of the show’s catalog.

During the week of May 27, Hulu’s limited series, “Under The Bridge,” experienced a 57% increase in viewing minutes with the release of its finale, securing the 8th spot among Originals. Similarly, Paramount+’s “Star Trek: Discovery” made a comeback on the Originals chart at #10, driven by nostalgia, with two-thirds of the viewers being over 50 years old.

Additionally, the former Showtime series, “Your Honor,” has shown promising performance on streaming platforms. The legal drama, spanning two seasons, garnered 544 million viewing minutes within its first three days on Netflix and Paramount+, earning the 9th spot on the Acquired list as it continues to climb the Nielsen rankings.

The latest Nielsen streaming chart reflects the dynamic landscape of viewership trends, showcasing the enduring popularity of established favorites and the potential for new and revived series to capture audience interest.