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Season 3 of ‘The Bear’ Garners Record-Breaking 5.4 Million Viewers on FX via Hulu

The much-anticipated release of “The Bear” Season 3 on Hulu saw a record-setting audience eager to binge-watch all ten episodes that dropped on June 26. Disney reported that within the first four days of its release, the new season of the FX on Hulu series was streamed by a staggering 5.4 million viewers. This viewership milestone marked the largest premiere of a scripted series in Hulu’s history, the third largest premiere overall on the streaming platform, and the biggest FX on Hulu season premiere to date.

The impressive 5.4 million viewership figure encompassed audiences streaming the latest season on Hulu, bundled Disney+ with Hulu accounts in the United States, as well as regular Disney+ accounts in international markets where the show is available. Unlike Season 2, which did not have the advantage of being on Disney+ in the U.S., the cross-platform availability of Season 3 contributed significantly to its success, although specific figures were not disclosed by Hulu.

The numbers reveal a consistent pattern of ratings growth for “The Bear,” with Season 3 experiencing a 24 percent increase in viewership compared to the same period after Season 2’s release. Notably, Season 2 attracted 70 percent more viewers than its predecessor, showcasing the show’s upward trajectory in popularity.

Nielsen is set to release official viewership data for “The Bear” a month after its debut on July 25. Despite sustained fan interest, Season 3 has received a more tempered response from critics in contrast to the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the first two seasons.

In a review of the latest season, IndieWire’s Ben Travers expressed mixed sentiments, noting moments of delayed confrontations and character indecision. Travers highlighted the character Carmy’s evolution and the thematic exploration of confidence and love in the series. While acknowledging some narrative shortcomings, Travers praised the character development and emotional depth in Season 3.

Exciting news for fans came with the announcement that “The Bear” has already been renewed for a fourth season, with reports suggesting that a portion of the upcoming season was filmed concurrently with Season 3. This renewal ensures that viewers can look forward to more gripping drama and culinary intrigue in the future installments of the acclaimed series.