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Australian Films Dominate Streaming Platforms with Nicole Kidman’s ‘A Family Affair’ and ‘Furiosa’ Topping Charts

Australian director George Miller and renowned actress Nicole Kidman have found themselves in a shared spotlight as their most recent films dominate the home viewing charts. Miller’s “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” has claimed the top spot, marking a positive turn following its underwhelming box office performance. Unlike standard releases, “Furiosa” is available for digital purchase at $24.99, a higher price point than the usual rental fee.

Nicole Kidman, who boasts a diverse filmography ranging from collaborations with acclaimed directors like Jane Campion and Lars von Trier to blockbuster hits like “Batman Forever” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” shines in her latest endeavor, the rom-com “A Family Affair.” The film, where Kidman convincingly portrays a love interest at the age of 57, has swiftly climbed to the number one position on the charts and shows no signs of slowing down.

Replacing the previous chart-topper, “IF,” “Furiosa” now reigns supreme, followed closely by a mix of genres in the top 10 rankings. Notably, “The Watchers,” a horror film by WB, has secured spots on both Fandango and iTunes charts, despite its lukewarm performance in theaters. Additionally, “In a Violent Nature,” a Canadian slasher film, and the critically acclaimed “The Boy and the Heron” have also found their place among the top contenders.

Netflix originals continue to make waves, with titles like “A Family Affair” and “Trigger Warning” occupying prominent positions on the streaming platform’s rankings. The diverse selection includes animated favorites like “Minions” and “The Boss Baby,” showcasing the enduring popularity of animated content for viewers of all ages.

As the industry evolves, the prominence of home viewing charts offers valuable insights into audience preferences and the shifting landscape of film distribution. With a mix of blockbuster hits, indie gems, and streaming favorites, the charts provide a snapshot of the dynamic and ever-changing world of cinema consumption.