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Apple TV’s Neuromancer adaptation casts Briana Middleton as Molly

Briana Middleton has been cast as Molly, the mirror-eyed assassin, in the upcoming Apple TV+ adaptation of William Gibson’s renowned cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer. This adaptation has been in the works for decades, with various directors attached to different versions, but now it is gaining traction as a 10-episode series on Apple TV+.

The series, created by Graham Roland and JD Dillard, follows the story of Case, a skilled hacker who finds himself entangled in a world of digital espionage and high-stakes crime. Alongside Molly, a razor-girl assassin with mirrored eyes, Case embarks on a mission to pull off a heist on a powerful artificial intelligence held by a secretive corporate dynasty.

Gibson’s novel, Neuromancer, paints a vivid picture of a future where technology and humanity intersect in unexpected ways. Case, once a top data thief until a cyber-attack crippled him, is recruited for a dangerous job that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. With Molly by his side, the duo faces a journey that reshapes the genre of fiction and challenges perceptions of technology and human nature.

The series is executive produced by William Gibson, Graham Roland, JD Dillard, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Matt Thunell, Drake, Adel’ Future’ Nur, Jason Shrier, and Zack Hayden. The addition of Briana Middleton as Molly adds depth to the cast, promising an intriguing portrayal of the iconic character.

Fans of William Gibson’s Neuromancer are eagerly anticipating the Apple TV+ adaptation and are curious to see how Middleton will bring Molly to life on screen. The series promises to delve into the complexities of a digital future, offering a fresh perspective on technology and its impact on society. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated adaptation.