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Stream The Day of Becoming You Season 1 Online on Amazon Prime Video: Watch Now

“The Day of Becoming You” Season 1, a Chinese comedy-drama series released in 2021, follows the story of a boy band member and an entertainment journalist who swap bodies, embarking on a journey to explore different personalities. The series is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

In the first season, Jiang Yi, the lead of a successful all-male pop group, struggles with expressing his emotions due to his parents’ separation. One day, his body switches with Yu Sheng Sheng, a friendly reporter, leading to a series of comedic and transformative events. As paparazzi chase Jiang Yi, unaware of the switch, both characters collaborate to improve their lives, eventually forming an unexpected romantic bond.

The cast includes Zhang Xincheng, Liang Jie, Wang Wei, and Zhao Zhiwei, among others.

“The Day of Becoming You” Season 1 can be enjoyed on Amazon Prime Video, a platform offering a diverse range of movies, TV shows, and exclusive originals. To access the series, viewers can visit Amazon Prime Video’s website, select ‘Sign in,’ and choose a membership plan.

Official Synopsis:
“The leader of a boyband and an entertainment reporter are forced into many outrageous situations after they switch bodies. Jiang Yi is a big star in the entertainment industry. He is the cold and distant leader of a popular boy band. In reality, he’s not good at expressing himself since his parents divorced when he was young. Meanwhile, Yu Sheng Sheng has become an entertainment reporter who keeps running up against a stone wall at work. Their lives were not meant to intersect, but an accident resulted in the two exchanging bodies on their birthday. This happens to fall on the same day. The sudden change caught them off guard, and with only each other to turn to for support in the days and nights that followed, Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng gradually fell in love.”

Watch the trailer for “The Day of Becoming You” Season 1 on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/