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Netflix Series ‘Fool Me Once’ Tops 2024 Completion Rate Rankings

In 2024, Netflix users have been avidly consuming a variety of shows, with some series standing out for their high completion rates. Data from London-based Digital i sheds light on the scripted shows that captured viewers’ attention from start to finish this year.

Understanding completion rates is crucial in gauging a show’s potential for renewal. A completion rate below 50% often indicates a higher risk of cancellation, as shown in previous analyses of canceled series.

Among the top performers in 2024 are:
– Fool Me Once with a 68% completion rate
– The Gentlemen at 63%
– Berlin and Griselda tied at 58%
– Avatar: The Last Airbender with 55%
– 3 Body Problem at 52%
– One Day at 49%
– The Brothers Sun at 44%
– Alexander: The Making of a God at 33%
– Boy Swallows Universe at 38%

These rates are based on data collected within the first 30 days of each show’s launch. Notably, Fool Me Once emerges as a standout series of the year, with a completion rate that positions it as a fan favorite.

The Brothers Sun, with its completion rate below the critical 50% mark, faces a precarious future in terms of renewal prospects. Conversely, Avatar: The Last Airbender and 3 Body Problem, despite lower completion rates, have secured final season orders, indicating strategic decisions based on viewership trends.

Fool Me Once’s success underscores Netflix’s strategic investment in captivating content, particularly evident in their continued collaboration with Harlan Coben. This series is poised to leave a lasting impact on audiences in 2024.

Additionally, Digital i provided insights into the completion rates of other shows, such as the documentary series American Nightmare, boasting a remarkable 72% completion rate. Furthermore, the completion rate for last year’s release of One Piece stood at 57%, showcasing sustained viewer engagement with the popular anime series.

As viewers continue to engage with diverse content offerings on Netflix, completion rates serve as a valuable metric for understanding audience preferences and shaping programming decisions. The data from 2024 highlights the importance of captivating storytelling and engaging narratives in retaining viewer interest throughout a series.