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Amazon Violates Ofcom Code for the First Time, Facing Consequences

Amazon’s Prime Video has been found to violate Ofcom’s code in the UK, marking the first instance of such a breach. This occurrence may become more common following the recent passing of the Media Bill. The breach in question pertains to the 2022 Filipino film “Pamasahe,” which was released on Prime Video several months ago. The movie follows a destitute mother’s journey to locate her husband in Manila, where she is compelled to “use her body to reach her destination,” as per the film’s synopsis.

Ofcom received a complaint regarding the film, which was designated as suitable for viewers aged 18 and above by Prime Video. The complaint raised concerns about a scene featuring a baby in the context of adult sexual activity. Despite attempts by the viewer to address these concerns directly with Amazon, they received no response. Consequently, the complaint was escalated to the regulatory body.

Following consultation with the British Board of Film Classification, it was determined that a specific sequence in the film breached the Protection of Children Act 1978 by depicting a child alongside sexual content. Subsequently, the BBFC contacted Amazon, leading to the removal of the movie from the platform in the UK.

Amazon defended its content moderation practices, citing a history of compliance with Ofcom regulations. However, the company acknowledged the need for ongoing refinement of its content policies to align with evolving standards. This incident underscores the importance of vigilance in monitoring and enforcing content guidelines, particularly in light of impending regulatory changes.

The Media Bill grants Ofcom expanded authority to regulate streaming services like Amazon and Netflix, particularly concerning issues of impartiality and harmful content. While these measures aim to enhance accountability within the industry, they have also raised concerns about potential constraints on creative freedom. Ofcom’s roadmap outlines a two-year timeline for achieving comprehensive oversight of streaming platforms to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Trailer for “Pamasahe”: