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Sam Morril Elevates Stand-Up Comedy with ‘You’ve Changed,’ Discusses Connections Between Comedian and Private Eye, and Future Plans in Film and TV

In the realm of stand-up comedy, Sam Morril is known as a standout talent, and his latest special, You’ve Changed, now available on Prime Video, showcases some of his finest work to date. Hailing from New York, Morril has built a reputation for his sharp, dark, and deadpan humor, unafraid to delve into honest and sometimes controversial topics across his previous specials. His most recent offering, Same Time Tomorrow on Netflix, explores themes ranging from personal relationships to the challenges of aging, all infused with his unique perspective on modern-day issues like social media and news consumption. Filmed at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, a venue he sold out nine times in the past year, Morril’s new hour promises to captivate audiences with his signature wit and insight.

Despite his success in the podcasting world with the popular show We Might Be Drunk, co-hosted with fellow comedian Mark Normand, Morril remains focused on expanding his comedic horizons beyond the audio realm. Alongside Normand, he has ventured into the whiskey business with the launch of Bodega Cat, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and creativity beyond the stage.

Having dedicated himself to his comedy career since the age of 18, Morril draws inspiration from various sources, including his love for film noir and a desire to explore new avenues in film and television. Reflecting on his latest special, Morril touches on the evolving landscape of stand-up comedy and the challenges of navigating social media platforms that increasingly police language, impacting the creative freedom of comedians.

In a candid conversation with Deadline, Morril discusses the process behind crafting his specials, emphasizing his evolving approach to writing and performing. With a keen eye for storytelling and a penchant for weaving together comedic narratives, Morril’s comedy reflects a deep appreciation for the art form and a commitment to engaging his audience in meaningful ways.

Looking ahead, Morril envisions a future filled with creative endeavors, from writing screenplays to developing his own projects in the entertainment industry. With a blend of humor, introspection, and a touch of noir-inspired flair, Sam Morril continues to push the boundaries of comedy, carving out a unique path in the ever-evolving world of stand-up.