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Discounted MLS Season Pass available for rest of 2024 season

The 2024 MLS season is in full swing, with all teams well past the halfway mark. As the competition heats up towards the MLS Cup Playoffs, fans can catch every game with the MLS Season Pass. Offering coverage of all matches, this pass is a must-have for soccer enthusiasts.

Starting from July 1, soccer fans can grab a subscription to the MLS Season Pass for a discounted price of $49. This subscription includes access to every game in the MLS regular season, Leagues Cup, and the MLS Cup Playoffs. Apple TV+ subscribers enjoy an even lower price of $39 for the remainder of the season.

While the monthly fee remains unchanged at $14.99 for the MLS Season Pass, Apple TV+ subscribers can access the games for $12.99 per month. Considering there are six more months of games left in the year, opting for the MLS Season Pass can lead to significant savings. Watching all the games for the remaining five months would cost nearly $75 without the pass, making the $25 saved a compelling reason to invest in the service.

The Leagues Cup 2024 adds further value to the MLS Season Pass. This tournament, featuring teams from Major League Soccer and Liga MX, promises exciting matchups. With coverage in both English and Spanish, the MLS Season Pass ensures fans don’t miss any of the action, including games involving major clubs like Club America, Chivas, and Pumas.

In 2023, the Leagues Cup saw success, particularly with the arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami. Messi’s presence not only led to victory in the tournament but also boosted MLS Season Pass subscriptions. While there are no rumors of a star joining the league ahead of the 2024 Leagues Cup, the MLS Season Pass remains a valuable asset for soccer lovers gearing up for the tournament starting on July 26.

As the MLS season progresses, the MLS Season Pass continues to be a go-to option for fans wanting to catch all the action. With coverage of every game and additional tournaments like the Leagues Cup, this pass offers a comprehensive viewing experience for soccer enthusiasts.