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Apple TV+ Taps Colin From Accounts’ Patrick Brammall as Lead in The Dispatcher

Apple TV+ has announced that Patrick Brammall will lead the upcoming series “The Dispatcher,” embarking on a thrilling six-episode journey. The show follows a former police detective whose life was shattered a decade ago when his daughter, Maggie, vanished mysteriously. Despite now working as a police dispatcher, he clings to the hope that Maggie is still out there. When he receives a distress call from a girl he believes to be his missing daughter, he becomes determined to reunite his fractured family at any cost.

“The Dispatcher” is set in Australia and is based on Ryan David Jahn’s novel of the same name. The adaptation is penned by writer and executive producer Kris Mrksa. The show is also produced by Jamie Laurenson and Hakan Kousetta for 60Forty Films, along with Joanna Werner for Werner Film Productions.

Patrick Brammall, known for his recent role in Paramount+’s “Evil,” has garnered praise for his performance and is recognized for his work on the Australian comedy series “Colin From Accounts,” which he co-created and starred in with his wife, Harriet Dyer. Additionally, Brammall has lent his voice to characters like Uncle Radley in the popular animated series “Bluey,” showcasing his versatility across various TV and film projects.

As “The Dispatcher” gears up for production, fans of Brammall and suspenseful dramas are eagerly anticipating the series’ premiere. Are you ready to join Brammall on his quest to find his on-screen daughter? Share your thoughts on Apple TV+’s latest series order and the gripping premise of “The Dispatcher” in the comments section below.