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Watch Apple TV’s new series ‘Land of Women’ with Eva Longoria for free: A guide

A captivating new series, “Land of Women,” now available for streaming on Apple TV+, takes viewers on a thrilling journey to a picturesque vineyard town in Spain. Based on Sandra Barneda’s acclaimed novel, “La tierra de las mujeres,” the show follows Gala, a New York socialite who is forced to flee the city with her mother and daughter to escape her husband’s financial crimes.

Gala’s decision to seek refuge in the same Spanish town her mother left decades ago sets the stage for a compelling narrative of hidden identities, family secrets, and unexpected revelations. As the trio tries to start anew while concealing their past, the tight-knit community’s gossip mill threatens to expose their carefully guarded truths. To make matters worse, Gala’s husband’s shady dealings come back to haunt them in the form of menacing loan sharks.

Eva Longoria leads the cast as Gala, portraying the character’s complex journey with depth and emotion. Santiago Cabrera shines as Amat, adding layers to the narrative with his performance. Carmen Maura brings Julia to life with her seasoned acting skills, while Victoria Bazúa impresses as Kate, Gala’s teenage daughter navigating the challenges of their new life in Spain.

The series unfolds with gripping intensity, drawing viewers into a world where past sins come to light and the consequences of one’s actions reverberate through generations. Each episode unveils new twists and turns, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats as Gala and her family navigate the treacherous waters of deception and redemption.

“Land of Women” offers a riveting blend of drama, mystery, and suspense, making it a must-watch for fans of compelling storytelling and intricate character dynamics. With each episode building on the tension and intrigue, the show promises an immersive viewing experience that will leave viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Experience the captivating tale of “Land of Women” on Apple TV+ and immerse yourself in a world where secrets lurk beneath the surface and the past comes back to haunt the present. Join Gala and her family as they confront their demons and strive to carve out a new future amidst the vineyards and cobblestone streets of a town steeped in history and intrigue.