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Watch Blossom in Heart Season 1 Online: Stream on Amazon Prime Video

Blossom in Heart Season 1, directed by Sam Shu-Pui Ho, follows the story of Hai Tang, a young girl determined to find her father. Unexpectedly, she ends up married to the eldest son of the Lang family. Luckily, Yue Xuan, the second child of the clan, steps in to help Hai Tang as she fights for her freedom.

The series features Gu Haitang, played by Li Yitong, on a mission to catch a thief who stole her suitcase and fled into Yue Xuan’s makeup store. A chaotic incident leads to tension between Gu Haitang and Yuexuan, but Yuexuan notices something intriguing about her. When Yuexuan’s store needs new employees, Gu Haitang applies for a job, unaware of the test awaiting her professional skills.

To watch Blossom in Heart Season 1, you can stream it on Amazon Prime Video, offering a diverse selection of TV shows and movies with a single membership. The series is available for viewing by following the steps on Amazon Prime Video’s platform.

Official synopsis of Blossom in Heart Season 1: “Romance between a girl seeking revenge for her father and the second son of the Yue family who owns a rogue manufacturing factory.”

You can watch the trailer for Blossom in Heart Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video via the following link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/