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Netflix reveals new Minecraft animated series

Netflix has excited fans by announcing a new animated series based on the immensely popular video game, Minecraft. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, the announcement came during a special event. The teaser trailer revealed a green creeper character exploding into a pixelated grey cloud before transitioning to an underground lava-filled cavern. The camera then zoomed in on a red Netflix “N” logo atop volcanic rock, followed by the words “Netflix x Minecraft.”

The caption accompanying the video stated, “The best-selling game of all time & the biggest streamer in the world are teaming up to bring you a brand new Minecraft Netflix animated series.” Netflix has promised that the show will feature an original storyline with new characters, with more details to be unveiled soon.

The move to adapt video games into film and television is gaining momentum in Hollywood. Recent successes like the Mario Bros Movie, The Last of Us, and Fallout have shifted the narrative around video game adaptations from being critical and commercial failures to becoming hits.

Netflix has already found success with animated versions of popular games, such as the Castlevania series, Cyberpunk: Edge Runners, and the League of Legends spin-off Arkane. Moreover, a Minecraft movie starring Jack Black as playable character Steve is scheduled to hit theaters next April.

Microsoft acquired the rights to Minecraft in 2014 for a staggering $2.5 billion. The company also owns Bethesda, the studio behind the Fallout series, which experienced a surge in players following the release of an Amazon Prime show inspired by the games last month. With Minecraft having sold over 300 million copies, Xbox boss Phil Spencer emphasized the importance of keeping players engaged with the company’s games, with tie-ins in film and TV being a key strategy.

The collaboration between Netflix and Minecraft is set to bring a new dimension to the beloved game’s universe, captivating fans with an original storyline and characters. As the entertainment industry continues to embrace video game adaptations, the upcoming Minecraft animated series is poised to be another exciting addition to the growing list of successful adaptations.

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