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Netflix Announces ‘Minecraft’ Animated Series Featuring Fresh Characters

Netflix is developing a new animated series based on the hugely popular Minecraft sandbox game. The series is set to feature an original story with new characters that will showcase the Minecraft world in a fresh light. The announcement of this new project coincides with the 15th anniversary of the video game.

Minecraft is a game where players can explore a blocky, pixelated, procedurally generated, three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain. Players have the ability to discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and construct structures, earthworks, and machines. Depending on the game mode, players can engage in battles with hostile mobs, as well as collaborate with or compete against other players within the same world.

Netflix will be co-producing the CG-animated series in collaboration with Mojang Studios, the Swedish developer of the game. Canadian animation studio WildBrain, known for projects like Sonic Prime, Ninjago: Dragons Rising, and Carmen Sandiego, will be responsible for the animation process.

In addition to the animated series, a Minecraft feature film is also in development. Directed by Jared Hess and written by Chris Bowman and Hubble Palmer, the Warner Bros. production boasts a star-studded cast including Jack Black, Jason Momoa, Danielle Brooks, Emma Myers, Jennifer Coolidge, Kate McKinnon, and Jemaine Clement. The film, produced by Legendary Pictures, Mojang, and Vertigo Entertainment, is scheduled for release on April 4, 2025.

Netflix’s official announcement of the animated series was shared on Twitter, generating excitement among fans of the game. The tweet highlighted the collaboration between Netflix and Mojang Studios, confirming the production of the animated Minecraft series.

This expansion of the Minecraft universe into animated series and feature films demonstrates the enduring popularity and creative potential of the beloved game. Fans can look forward to exploring new narratives and characters within the familiar and beloved Minecraft world through these upcoming projects.