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Netflix Adds Max’s Highly Underrated Show with Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

“Fancy giving what has been called one of the best shows of 2023 a go? Here’s what you need to know about ‘Scavengers Reign’…

‘Scavengers Reign’ is an animated science-fiction survival drama that originally debuted on Max in October last year. Despite drawing incredible praise from viewers and critics alike, the show was canceled after just one season just a few weeks ago but there’s hope it could get a second life at another one of the very best streaming services.

On Friday, May 31, ‘Scavengers Reign’ arrived on Netflix in several regions including the U.K. and the U.S.. Longstanding fans are now desperately encouraging would-be viewers to give the show a try, especially seeing as there’s some hope that Netflix might be interested in picking it up for a second season.

‘Scavengers Reign’ is an animated sci-fi series from filmmakers Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner, who co-created the show after previously making the 2016 animated short, ‘Scavengers.’ The 12-episode series follows the surviving crew of an interstellar freighter as they are stranded on an unforgiving new world.

After the Demeter 227 gets damaged, our survivors are left stranded and fighting for survival on the bizarre alien planet of Vista Minor. It’s a beautiful, breathtaking world that’s otherwise thrived without human interference (until now).

Divided across the planet, our crewmates must adapt to the many challenges (personal or planetary) and confront its terrifying creatures as they wait for rescue.

‘Scavengers Reign’ currently holds a perfect 100% score from professional critics on Rotten Tomatoes, from a total of 22 reviews (at the time of writing). RT’s critical consensus reads, ‘Disturbing and wondrous, ‘Scavengers Reign’ presents a vividly realized world that beckons exploration by its marooned characters and television viewers alike.’ Among the reviews, you’ll see universal praise for the show’s beautiful, distinctly alien visuals, with many claiming the show as ‘a triumph,’ ‘a wonder’ and ‘uniquely thrilling.’

The viewers’ score skews slightly lower at 94%, but when you consider that’s an aggregate rating from more than 250 audience ratings, that’s almost as impressive as that perfect 100% score.

As a UK-based writer, I’ll admit that I hadn’t laid eyes on ‘Scavengers Reign’ until it debuted on Netflix. And whilst I’ve only managed to check out a couple of episodes, I’m already hooked. This is sci-fi that openly relishes in just how alien the universe could be. It’s drawn beautifully and conjures up a fascinating, terrifying landscape where the stakes feel so high for our crewmates from the get-go. I literally cannot wait to see what the show still has in store.

Be sure to stream ‘Scavengers Reign’ on Netflix or Max now. Not in the market for some fresh science fiction? Check out our roundup of the best TV shows in the Netflix top 10 to find your next streaming fix.

What is ‘Scavengers Reign’ about?

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