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Watch NXT Heatwave 2024 on Peacock in the UK: A Guide

The 2024 NXT Heatwave event is gearing up to be a standout occasion in the realm of professional wrestling, brought to you by WWE. This year’s installment will mark the third annual Heatwave event specifically crafted for WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, and the 10th overall. In a departure from the past two years’ formats as television specials, the 2024 event is slated to be streamed live. Scheduled for July 7, 2024, the event will unfold at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, coinciding with the Money in the Bank weekend. For US viewers, the event will be available for streaming on NBC’s platform, Peacock.

NXT Heatwave 2024 is set to deliver an electrifying experience curated by WWE exclusively for its NXT brand. The event will be broadcast live from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, marking a significant milestone as the first NXT live-streamed event in Canada since 2019. Enthusiasts can anticipate a gripping night filled with intense matches and unexpected twists, featuring some of NXT’s most prominent superstars. From intense rivalries to jaw-dropping displays of athleticism, NXT Heatwave 2024 guarantees non-stop action. The event plays a pivotal role in shaping future storylines and showcasing emerging talent, making it a must-watch for wrestling aficionados.

Scheduled to air on Sunday, July 7, 2024, NXT Heatwave 2024 will emanate from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. The event boasts a lineup of fighters including Matrick Mondre Belton as Trick Williams, Malachi Jeffers as Je’Von Evans, Benjamin Timms as Nathan Frazer, Carlos Ruiz as Axiom, Julian Micevski as Ethan Page, Ronnie Arneill as Shawn Spears, Clint Barrow as Andre Chase, Brendan Vink as Duke Hudson, and Luke Menzies as Ridge Holland.

For viewers in the UK, accessing NXT Heatwave 2024 on Peacock requires a Premium or Premium Plus subscription. However, UK viewers can circumvent geographical restrictions by utilizing a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN. By connecting to the right servers, viewers can enjoy a seamless streaming experience of the event.

NXT Heatwave 2024 promises thrilling matches featuring top talents from WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. As the first NXT live-streamed event in Canada since 2019, it holds historical significance for wrestling enthusiasts. With a lineup of prominent wrestlers showcasing their skills, exclusive matches crucial for future storylines, interactive fan segments, and its association with the prestigious Money in the Bank weekend, NXT Heatwave 2024 is a not-to-be-missed spectacle for dedicated fans.