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New Doc Channel Launched by PBS Distribution in Canada

PBS Distribution has introduced PBS Documentaries, a newly launched Prime Video channel in Canada that focuses on documentaries. This subscription-based streaming service mirrors its U.S. counterpart, offering a wide range of content from PBS’s library, including documentaries and factual series spanning various genres, as well as the complete collection of Ken Burns’ works.

Andrea Downing, the president of PBS Distribution, expressed excitement about providing Canadian fans with a substantial amount of high-quality content, including their award-winning documentaries. She highlighted that this new channel complements the successful introduction of the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video channel in Canada.

Renowned filmmaker Ken Burns also shared his enthusiasm for the expansion into the Canadian market, stating, “We’re thrilled that Canadian audiences will now be able to see all of our past films through the PBS Documentaries Prime Video channel.” He emphasized the significance of having their entire library easily accessible in one destination. Burns also revealed plans to include their upcoming film on Leonardo da Vinci, marking their first non-American subject, in the channel’s collection in November.

The launch of PBS Documentaries in Canada opens up a wealth of engaging and informative content for viewers in the country. With a diverse range of documentaries and factual series available, audiences can explore a variety of topics and subjects through the lens of PBS’s acclaimed storytelling.

The addition of this new channel not only expands the reach of PBS’s content but also provides Canadian viewers with a dedicated platform to access a curated selection of compelling documentaries. As the demand for high-quality factual programming continues to grow, PBS Documentaries aims to meet the needs of audiences in Canada by offering a comprehensive library of thought-provoking and educational content.

Overall, the introduction of PBS Documentaries in Canada signifies a significant milestone for PBS Distribution, as they continue to bring their esteemed documentary content to audiences around the world. With a commitment to delivering top-notch programming, PBS Documentaries is set to become a go-to destination for documentary enthusiasts in Canada seeking enriching and captivating storytelling.