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‘Suicide Squad Isekai’ Premiere Date and Viewing Options

DC’s Suicide Squad is a well-known group of supervillains that has been featured in various forms of media over the years. From live-action films to animated series and video games, the Suicide Squad has captured the imagination of fans worldwide. Now, this infamous group is set to make its debut in anime form with the upcoming series, Suicide Squad Isekai.

In Suicide Squad Isekai, viewers will follow the adventures of Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Deadshot, King Shark, and Clayface as they embark on a mission in a fantastical world filled with magic, dragons, and orcs. Under the watchful eye of Amanda Waller, the team must navigate this new realm while facing the challenge of completing their mission with the threat of explosive neck bombs looming over them. As they find themselves captured and running out of options, the squad must fight for survival on the battlefield.

Directed by Eri Osada, Suicide Squad Isekai will consist of 10 episodes and feature music by Tomoyasu Hotei and Mori Calliope. While the Joker will make an appearance in the series, fans can also expect to see other notorious villains such as Rat Catcher, Enchantress, The Thinker, and Killer Croc reimagined in anime form.

The series is set to premiere on Thursday, June 27, and will be available for streaming on Max and Hulu in the US. Episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays, leading up to the season finale in August. For viewers with standalone subscriptions to Disney Plus and Hulu, or those subscribed to the Disney bundle, access to Hulu content within the Disney Plus app will also be available.

Suicide Squad Isekai promises to offer a fresh and unique take on the beloved team of antiheroes, blending the action-packed world of the Suicide Squad with the imaginative and visually stunning realm of anime. Fans of the Suicide Squad and anime enthusiasts alike can look forward to experiencing this exciting crossover when the series premieres this summer.