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Netflix Acquires Debut Cypriot Feature Film Find Me Falling

A failed comeback album leads rock star John Allman to seek solace on a picturesque Mediterranean island. However, his idyllic retreat takes an unexpected turn when he realizes that his new cliffside abode comes with a reputation that attracts unwelcome guests and stirs up old feelings.

“Find Me Falling” is not your typical romantic comedy. Delving deeper into themes of life, death, and legacy, the film serves as a heartfelt tribute to Cyprus, showcasing the island’s beauty through its captivating locations, delectable cuisine, and enchanting music. Headlined by the talented Harry Connick Jr., the movie marks a significant milestone for Cyprus, as it secures a global audience on Netflix, offering viewers worldwide the chance to experience its charm.

The collaboration between Jupiter Peak Productions from the USA, Meraki Films from Cyprus, and Das Films from the USA, with the backing of the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture and the Cyprus Film Commission’s cash rebate scheme, brought “Find Me Falling” to life. Private equity from Jupiter Peak Productions filled the remaining funding needs for the project. The film’s producers, including Steve Shapiro, Keith Arnold, and Stelana Kliris, ensured a smooth production process.

Filmed over six weeks in May and June 2022, with 30 shooting days in Cyprus, particularly in Peyia and Nicosia, “Find Me Falling” captures the essence of the island’s allure. The Exchange, based in Los Angeles, is managing the film’s distribution and sales, further extending its reach to audiences worldwide.

Behind the scenes, Jupiter Peak Productions from the USA and Meraki Films from Cyprus spearheaded the production, with Stelana Kliris serving as both director and screenwriter. The talented crew, including Stephan Metzner as Director of Photography, Emilios Avraam as Editor, Lydia Mandridou as Production Designer, Jo Katsaras as Costume Designer, Carlos José Alvarez as Composer, and Christos Kyriacoullis and Costas Varibopiotis handling sound design and mix, ensured a seamless cinematic experience. The stellar cast, featuring Harry Connick Jr., Agni Scott, Ali Fumiko Whitney, Tony Demetriou, Lea Maleni, Aggeliki Filippidou, Athina Roditou, and Clarence Smith, brought the story to life on screen.

“Find Me Falling” promises to be a refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre, offering a blend of entertainment, emotion, and a celebration of Cyprus’s rich culture and beauty.