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Disney+ series showcases a fashion designer’s journey

Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion icon known for his distinctive style and prolific career, is the focus of the new series “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” on Disney+. The six-part series delves into Lagerfeld’s early struggles to find his unique design voice. Set in 1970s Paris, the show stars Daniel Bruhl as Lagerfeld, portraying the designer’s journey from apprenticing at renowned fashion houses to becoming a sought-after figure in the industry.

The series showcases Lagerfeld’s ambition to break into the world of couture and attain the fame that comes with it. Bruhl convincingly embodies the determined yet enigmatic persona of Lagerfeld, capturing his longing for creative fulfillment. Lagerfeld’s path crosses with that of his frenemy, Yves Saint Laurent, played by Arnaud Valois, highlighting their contrasting design approaches and competitive dynamic.

The plot unfolds as Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent vie for the attention of Jacques de Bascher, portrayed by Theodore Pellerin, a young writer and dandy. Their differing intentions towards De Bascher reveal deeper complexities in their characters and relationships. The series delves into the emotional intricacies of Lagerfeld’s personal life, showcasing his struggles with unspoken feelings and emotional eating habits.

“Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” is praised for its visual appeal, showcasing ’70s fashion in vibrant settings like discos and parties. The show’s ensemble cast, including Alex Lutz, Agnes Jaoui, and Sunnyi Melles, adds depth to Lagerfeld’s story. Lagerfeld’s close bond with his mother, portrayed touchingly on screen, serves as a poignant reminder of his personal motivations and resilience.

The series culminates in Lagerfeld’s transition to Chanel, where he solidifies his legacy as a couture designer until his passing in 2019. In an interview, Bruhl expressed admiration for Lagerfeld’s enduring curiosity and refusal to succumb to nostalgia as he aged. The show offers a glimpse into the life and career of a fashion legend, showcasing the determination and passion that drove Lagerfeld to become an iconic figure in the industry.