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Prime Video to Reboot ‘American Gladiators’ for New Series

“The gladiators are set to return to the arena … this time for Prime Video.”

The Amazon-owned streaming service has announced the reboot of the classic competition series American Gladiators. A nationwide search is currently underway for contestants to compete against professional gladiators in a custom-built arena. The arena will feature new challenges along with classic favorites from the original series like “Gauntlet,” “Hang Tough,” and “The Eliminator.”


The new series will be produced by Amazon MGM Studios and MGM Alternative.

News of the revival of the competition series started circulating in April when Range Sports signed Gladiators creator Johnny Ferraro to develop the IP across various platforms including TV, film, attractions, merchandise, and live events.

The original American Gladiators series aired in syndication from 1989-1996, pitting contestants against elite “gladiators” in televised competitions. It was later revived in 2008 as a primetime show on NBC and recently rebooted by the BBC, receiving a quick renewal for a second season.

Lauren Anderson, head of brand and content innovation for Amazon MGM Studios, expressed excitement about the enduring appeal of Gladiators, stating, “Gladiators is an enduring, physical challenge format that continues to engage families around the world. We look forward to delighting our global Prime Video customers with both reimagined and nostalgic elements that celebrate the best of the original series.”