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Surprising Top Prime Video Movie of the Year Earns Impressive 92% Rotten Tomatoes Rating

I always strive to approach movies with an open mind, giving each new release a fair chance. However, I must admit that I had my doubts about “The Beekeeper” before watching it. The film’s release in mid-January, a period known as a “dump month” in the industry, coupled with Jason Statham’s history in less-than-stellar films, had me bracing for the worst.

To my surprise, “The Beekeeper” turned out to be a delightful surprise. This action-packed thriller borders on the line of being so bad that it’s good, yet it manages to maintain a level of sincerity and self-awareness about its own absurdity. Since its arrival on Amazon Prime Video, the movie has swiftly claimed the top spot on the platform’s top 10 list.

For those contemplating whether to stream “The Beekeeper” on Prime Video, here’s why you shouldn’t dismiss this high-octane thrill ride as hastily as I initially did.

In “The Beekeeper,” Jason Statham portrays Adam Clay, a man fixated on bees. Once part of an elite group of soldiers called the Beekeepers, Clay now leads a quiet life as an actual beekeeper on a rural farm. When his landlady falls victim to a scam and takes her life after losing a substantial sum of money, Clay is consumed by a desire for retribution. He embarks on a solitary mission to hold the perpetrators accountable, leading to clashes with powerful figures like the former head of the CIA and the son of the current U.S. President.

Despite not being a cinematic masterpiece, “The Beekeeper” offers a rollicking good time. The film’s creators, including director David Ayer and Statham, fully embrace the movie’s over-the-top nature, resulting in an action-packed escapade that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Packed with bee-related puns and Statham’s charismatic performance, the movie is a riot from start to finish.

Josh Hutcherson sheds his previous image to play a detestable character in “The Beekeeper.” His portrayal of Derek Danforth, an arrogant tech entrepreneur, adds depth to the film’s villainy. Director David Ayer, known for his work on “Bright,” delivers thrilling action sequences that elevate the viewing experience, even as the plot veers into unexpected territory.

With an impressive 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, “The Beekeeper” has garnered praise for its unabashedly entertaining approach. If you’re seeking a dose of cinematic escapism that is both silly and endearing, “The Beekeeper” on Prime Video might just be the perfect choice. While it may not make it to the list of top films of the year, it certainly stands out as a pleasant surprise in the realm of action movies.