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Haunted Ulster Live is a chilling mockumentary horror film set on Halloween night in 1998 in Belfast. The movie follows Gerry Burns and children’s presenter Michelle Kelly as they investigate poltergeist activity in a haunted house, leading to a terrifying turn of events. The footage from this live broadcast has been hidden for 25 years, adding to the mystery and horror of the story.

Bloody Disgusting has secured the North American distribution rights for Haunted Ulster Live, with plans to release it this fall across various platforms, including the SCREAMBOX streaming service. The film has been highly anticipated by fans of the genre, drawing comparisons to classics like Ghostwatch for its intense and suspenseful storytelling.

Directed by Dominic O’Neill, known for his work on “Belfast 1912,” Haunted Ulster Live stars Mark Claney and Aimee Richardson, among others. O’Neill expressed his passion for found footage films, highlighting the nostalgic influences of Irish and British horror TV on the project. The film aims to capture the essence of 90s Belfast, incorporating elements of Irish folklore and historical context from that era.

Following a successful screening at the FrightFest Film Festival in London, the filmmakers have been overwhelmed by the positive reception to Haunted Ulster Live. O’Neill and McConnell, the creative minds behind the movie, are excited to bring their debut feature to North American audiences in collaboration with Cineverse, Screambox, and Bloody Disgusting. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the filmmakers and sets the stage for future projects.

The deal for distribution was facilitated by Brandon Hill, Director of Acquisitions at Cineverse, showcasing the growing interest in independent horror films with unique storytelling approaches. The production of Haunted Ulster Live involved a dedicated team led by Sampere, McConnell, McGowan, Sinacore, and Sutton, emphasizing the collaborative effort that went into bringing this haunting tale to life.

As Haunted Ulster Live prepares to make its debut in North America, audiences can expect a spine-tingling experience that pays homage to classic horror tropes while offering a fresh perspective on the found footage genre. With its immersive storytelling and eerie atmosphere, this mockumentary promises to captivate viewers and leave them on the edge of their seats.