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Tom Brady Roast Ranks Top 10 on Nielsen Streaming in 3 Hours, Evil Gains Momentum with Netflix Premiere

Nielsen’s U.S. ranking of streaming originals for the week of April 29 showcased some familiar names dominating the charts. Prime Video’s “Fallout” continued its reign at the top spot, amassing a staggering 1.1 billion minutes viewed for its Season 1 across eight episodes. Netflix’s “Baby Reindeer” and “Dead Boy Detectives” followed closely behind, with 734 million and 699 million minutes viewed respectively.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s “A Man in Full” and “The Asaunta Case” also maintained their positions in the top five, pulling in 619 million and 531 million minutes viewed, respectively. The popularity of these series highlights the diverse range of content available to streaming audiences.

In addition to these favorites, other shows made their mark in Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming originals for the week. Paramount+’s “Evil” garnered 291 million minutes across 36 library episodes, which coincided with its availability on Netflix. The debut of Paramount+’s “Knuckles” attracted 287 million minutes, while Hulu’s “Shōgun” captured 285 million minutes across 10 episodes.

One standout entry was Netflix’s “The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady,” a three-hour special that streamed live during the measurement period. This event added a unique and entertaining element to the streaming landscape, drawing viewers in with its one-of-a-kind format.

As streaming platforms continue to offer a diverse array of content, viewers have more options than ever to explore different genres and styles. The success of these top streaming originals underscores the growing influence of digital platforms in shaping the entertainment industry.

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[Trailer for “Fallout”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trailerID)